Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Title: The Fault in Our Stars
Author: John Green
Pages: 316
My Rating: 5/5 stars

I read this book a while ago, and yesterday as I was browsing the internet for 'bookish jewelry' (don't even comment on that.. ) and found necklaces saying 'Okay Okay', I became emotional. That's the impact this book has had on me.

Now, you may not know what I am talking about if you have not yet read the book. Please continue reading this spoiler free review, and hopefully I can persuade you into reading it.

17 Year old Hazel Grace has been diagnosed with cancer, and is trying to make the most of her life while it lasts. At a support group she meets an incredibly handsome and charming guy, and falls for him.

I am usually not such a sucker for romance in novels, especially not as cheesy as in this one, because, let's face it, it is. However, this was written so well, and the characters are so complex and well-developed, that the love in this story is incredibly cute and at no times annoying (which, in my honest opinion, it usually is in YA novels). While I can in no way relate to what Hazel, or Augustus for that matter, are going through in the novel, John Green writes their emotions so well, that I felt like I could.

Putting into words what this novel did to me is difficult. It's an emotional roller coaster. It easily switches from super happy to extremely sad and back. There were times when I had to put the book away for a few minutes in order to step back into reality and just deal with all the emotions.

I know that again, this is not much of a review, just a rant, but I can say nothing but positive things about this piece of fiction. I just loved it, and I believe everyone should read it.

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