Friday, 18 April 2014

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So this entry is just going to be a little bit of an update and some other things I'd like to tell you guys.

Firstly, I can see I get views, maybe not that many, but I do get them and I'd love to know who you all are and what you think of my blog and my entries, so please don't be shy to comment!

You may have read before that I am currently writing my dissertation. I was supposed to finish it before Easter, but as my supervisor fell ill and I had to get a new one which caused quite a lot of trouble I can work on it for four more week, which I am terribly happy about. I don't really need to do that much more but as the next block is starting on Tuesday, and I am taking an extra course I will need my time. Of the three courses I am taking, two are Dutch. One is called 'Uitgeverijen' which means publishers. In that course I will learn how the publisher business works, and I've already started reading the coursebook and I think it's going to be incredibly interesting. The next course is Cultuurkritiek , which is Cultural Criticism. For this one, I'm also very excited, but it's also quite daunting as I think it's going to be difficult and a lot of theories which I'll have to learn by heart. The last course is Adapting to the Novel and for this one we have to  read 7 books and watch several adaptations of those, about which we'll write short papers. I'm very excited for that one, and I'm hoping I will have time to put reviews on here, or perhaps the short papers.
For the course on publishers, I have to read two Dutch books, which I have already read. I am not going to review them on here, because there's no English translation and it feels pointless to write in Dutch here. If you are Dutch and would like to read my reviews on Een Blik Jodenkoeken and De Smaak van IJzer - please go to my goodreads page, you will find them there.  

The last thing I want to mention is the top 5 Wednesday. I am still doing this, but just not every week. The topics are very much focussed on YA novels, and I don't read that much YA.

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