Sunday, 20 April 2014

Review: All My Friends Are Dead & All My Friends Are Still Dead

Title: All My Friends Are Dead and All My Friends Are Still Dead
Author: Avery Monsen
Pages: 96 & 108
My Rating: 1/5 stars

The two little books All My Friends Are Dead and All My Friends Are Still Dead are illustrated humour books. They got really good reviews so I thought why the hell not read them.
They are supposed to be hilarious and full of dark humour. However, I just didn't even smile at one point while browsing through them.
Now, I understand that this is all a matter of taste, and seeing the Goodreads average rating being above a 4.0, I suppose I am the odd one out. However, could someone who did like this book properly explain to me why? The texts are very childish, but the content really is not meant for little boys and girls. The jokes are extremely unoriginal and .. I wouldn't call them jokes anyway. It's not that I find it too harsh, or too dark, and felt offended - I just couldn't see why someone would write this, think it's funny, and write a sequel. Fortunately, they are so short that it took no more than 6 minutes to flip through both.

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