Saturday, 23 April 2016

Dewey's Readathon - Live Blog

11:00 | Only three hours left

I've been enjoying reading V for Vendetta far more than I thought I would - I'm usually not really into graphic novels. I've read 150 pages so far, which brings my total page count to 848

I'm eating some fruit as a snack, and I've drank some lovely white dragon tea. 

The next few hours I'll likely finish my current read, and perhaps start a new one. Also, my friend'll probably be here within the next hour :) 

8:50 | 19 hours in

I slept until 7:15, made some breakfast, checked twitter and some blogs, and now it's time to continue reading. But which book?

While deciding this, I tidied the house a little, brushed my teeth, did my hair and makeup.. andd an hour later, I still don't know what I should read. 

V for Vendetta it is. Let's go!

1:00 | 11 hours in

I've just finished my third book for the day - Wie heeft er wel een boek bij zich? by 
Johan Goossens. A Dutch one this time, and it was a fun little book to read and I really enjoyed it. It was 175 pages, which brings my total to 696

I didn't snack, except for a few sweets, and all I drank was a glass of water. 

I know the true readathon'er stays up all night, battling through their tiredness. But to be quite frank, I've come down with a heavy cold a few days ago, and it'd be plain stupid not to get a decent amount of sleep. So I'm going to bed now, probably will be getting up at around 7:30 and read lots more! Tomorrow's extra exciting because a friend is coming over for the last few hours, and we'll be reading together :) 

23:00 | 9 hours in

Finished Silver Linings Playbook just in time for my next update! That means I've now read a total of 521 pages. The last three hours were exciting, just because I was really getting into this book. It's absolutely great! Thanks everyone for recommending it, it surely is a good book for a readathon :)

I didn't end up taking a walk. I didn't really want to go alone and I only wanted to go for a twenty minute walk or so and my boyfriend didn't wanna go with me for that short. So I just took another cup of tea and continued reading. 

I switched reading spot for the first time today as well - from a chair to the couch :') because my boyfriend was watching The Dark Knight and we were going to have some crisps  and some beer. I thought it would be sociable to move a little bit closer. 
Anyway, I got too engrossed in my book, so I didn't really watch the film. 

I'm excited to continue reading, but I don't know which book I'll pick up just yet. I should admit I'm not going to be able to stay up all night, too, so in the next few hours, I'll probably go to bed as well. I will update before that happens though! 

               20:00 | 6 hours in

I read the first 30 pages of Silver Linings Playbook before I started cooking dinner. 

Making and eating dinner took about an hour, and afterwards I read a little bit more. I'm now at page 100, which means my total count for today this far is 332 pages. Not going too fast, but I'm enjoying the readathon a lot, keeping up with twitter and instagram a lot more than I did last year. 

Other than dinner, I didn't have any snacks. I did drink tea, obviously. This time, white tea Jasmine. It's really good. 

I'm still feeling energised, but I do think I may go for a little walk in the next few hours. Also, I'm just going to continue the book I'm currently reading, as it's really great so far.  

17:00 | 3 hours in

I just finished reading Scarlet. As I'd already read about half of the novel, this sets my total amount of pages read to 232. I'm really glad I finally finished this book, and I'm glad I picked it up as my first readathon read. 

As for snacks, I've eaten a few pieces of frozen pineapple, and I had a piece of 'vlaai' which is a kind of pastry typical for the part of the Netherlands I live in. I've also drank quite a few cups of china gun powder tea.

My plans for the next few hours include cooking dinner and obviously reading. But I'm not entirely sure which book yet. Should I pick up Silver Linings Playbook?

14:00 | Kick Off

It's almost time for the Readathon to start, and I'm so excited, bordering on nervousness!

This morning, I prepared myself as best possible. Unfortunately, I woke up earlier than planned, but that allowed me to go to the store earlier so I could pick up some snacks for the day. I decided to keep it slightly healthy this year, eating mostly fruit.
I prepared dinner for as far as possible, cleaned the house a little, ate a big lunch and read tons of blogs, twitter posts and checked out instagram filtered on #readathon. It's so much fun to see everyone so excited.
I just took a shower, boiling water right now for my first cup of tea for the day and to be fair, I'm currently just waiting for the clock to hit 14:00.

The first book I'm gonna pick up is Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. I started this a while ago, and although I haven't been in the mood for YA recently, I think this will be a great start.
Are you ready? Let's go! :)

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