Thursday, 10 July 2014

Review: Candide

Title: Candide
Author: Voltaire
Pages: 163

"The story begins with the hero Candide's expulsion from the Westphalian castle of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh for making love to the Baron's daughter, Cunégonde. So begins a series of disastrous misadventures on a fantastic odyssey for Candide, Cunégonde and the incurable optimist, Dr. Pangloss."

I must admit that this novel did not leave a very big impression on me. Although I liked the cynical writing style, as well as the story, I did not love it. However, I cannot pin point why I was not impressed. I think I was just not in the mood for it, and I may have to re-read it some time in the future, especially because I feel like I should have enjoyed it much more than I did as it sounds right up my alley.

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