Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Book Parents

Before starting, I want to state two things: one, I don't read as many YA fantasy novels as most people who do these top 5 Wednesdays, and so parents often do not feature in books I read, so it was a tough challenge for me. Two, they are in no particular order.

1. August and her sisters from The Secret Life of Bees
Obviously, they are not real parents, but in a sense, guardians. They are so sweet to Lily as well as Rosaleen, and I thought they deserved a place in  here. 

2. Earl from Gideon's Gift
Again, although there are parents in this novel, I chose the non-parent. All characters are so sweet in this little book, but I chose Earl because having him as a father would be a treat. He's so lovely and caring. 

3. August's parents from Wonder
The way the parents really want the best for their boy is very admiring. Although sometimes the decisions are tough, you can really see they are truly  good parents. 

4. Thomas Schell from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Although at no point in the novel he is alive, the recollections of Oskar's father make him sound like a magnificent dad. The way he tries to help his son tackle his shyness by setting out scavenger hunts is adorable. 

5. Jack's mother in Room 
For the way in which they have to live their life, Jack and his mother are a lovely little family and I think she has brought up her son in the best way possible - for them, that is. 

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