Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Review: Wonder by RJ Palacio

Title: Wonder
Author: R.J. Palacio
Pages: 315
My Rating: 5/5 stars

Wonder by R.J. Palacio is a contemporary young adult novel about a little 10 year old boy, August, who has a severe facial deformity. His mother has always home schooled him in order to protect him, but now he is at an age where his parents believe he should go to school. While he at first protests, he decides to do it anyway.
     I had really high expectations of this book, and was afraid it would not live up to them. However, it did. I truly fell in love with Auggie, what a wonderful little person he is. And the way it was written.. just brilliant. 
     I read some reviews and noticed many people did not like the fact that it was written from different perspectives, claiming that they feel torn away from the main character of the book. Now, in this case, I do understand what those readers mean, because the parts written from other characters'  perspectives are rather short. However, I did really love those parts, as well. They really give you insight in how other people think about Auggie. In those parts, it is also clear that August still is our protagonist. Every bit of action or thought involves him in some way. 
     What I also love about this book is how many beautiful and true quotes there are. This is one of those novels which are very moralistic, yet very beautiful. Often those novels are just too corny for me  - only telling us how to behave and think. Although this novel does that too, in a way, it does give you the opportunity to think for yourself. 
    I believe that everybody should read this book. Although most adults would not learn much of it anymore, they will love how adorable and beautiful it is. Children should read this story as soon as they can. Although it is a very cliche lesson they will learn, it is told so wonderfully and heartbreaking yet heartwarming they will love it more than your average 'don't judge a book by its cover' novel. 
    I cried, I laughed out loud. I rated it 5/5 stars because it's simply lovely. Go read it if you have not yet! Now!

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