Wednesday, 25 March 2015

On why I'm not posting new stuff

As I feel guilty for not posting any new content, and I really do want to post new things, I thought just explaining the situation would have to do for now.

Clearly, I'm very busy with uni. But honestly, not so much that would not allow me time for writing reviews. However, all books I've been reading have been for school. Now still, that's no excuse. However, for most of these books, I have to write essays and reviews for the course itself, and the real issue here is self-plagiarism.  I did discuss this with my professor, and he said that whenever I post something on my blog and properly indicate that I wrote it it would probably not be a problem. I think you get my point here: the word probably. I really do not want to get into any trouble in my final year of uni. As soon as I've finished the course and gotten my grades, I will publish all the reviews (slightly edited), and I'll make up for the lack of content.

Thanks for understanding.

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