Sunday, 5 October 2014


In the beginning of September, I wrote quite a few reviews and was able to post regularly, even though I had started my final year of university. Unfortunately, although I really wanted to continue, it soon became clear that I had no time for reading (reading novels, that is), and thus no content to post on this blog.

I will try to pick this back up again soon, as for next term (our year is devided into four parts rather than two semesters) I will have to read about 15 novels. I will have time to think about them thoroughly as we will be discussing in detail at school and thus I will hopefully have inspiration to write a review.

If you did not know, I'm a student of Literature and Cultural Criticism. This is a one year master's programme, and before this I did my bachelor's in English Language and Culture. As you may expect, the first term of a degree in criticism involves reading a lot of (philosophical) theory. This means I do have to read a lot for uni, just not novels. I am currently reading Seeing by José Saramago and this is for a course, but it literally is the only piece of pure literature I will be reading.

This all does not mean that I have reviewed all the books I read this year so far. I do in fact have about 4 books I still want to write about but as I read them in the summer, it feels like a long time ago and I'm not sure whether I will actually be able to write something decent.

Anyway, this was all just an apology, really. Soon, I will be posting regularly again.

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